If you look at the majority of techniques in statistical finance, you will see adoptions and modifications of linear methods. While many of these are extremely refined and sophisticated, they are ultimately bottle-necked to that which can be understood linearly. Whether it’s enabling the experienced trader to focus on what they need to, or creating novel algorithms to catch the edge others do not have available to them, the old fashioned statistical methods can not interpret the complexities of the market and individual alone.

The machine learning researchers and data scientists at Vertex Labs have experience with utilizing the unique heuristics of experts in finance to make 10x more opportunities available. This synergy of human expertise and sophisticated deep learning allows for methods to capture these opportunities and edge. Through deep learning and strong software, we are entering a new finance frontier.

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Whether plug and play cloud AI solutions or custom technologies, the engineers at Vertex Labs guarantee an advanced solution to your complex data needs. Our experts are trained in delivering accurate and transparent models to deliver cutting-edge performance while satisfying stakeholders and relieving regulatory pressure. Follow the links below if you’d like to learn how Vertex can help you.

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